Top skin disorders and their remedies


Skin is the single largest organ of the human body. It is also the outermost defensive wall of the body that protects important organs of the body from external contaminants. Since it is the part of the body that comes into contact with all kinds of foreign infections, including viruses and bacteria, it also has a high chance of developing some diseases and illnesses. Skin illnesses vary in terms of the effect on a person, severity, and duration of their effects. Out of Hundreds of disorders, here are the top skin illnesses and their remedies.

Top skin disorders and their remedies


fdgdgdfgdfgdfgghfghThe most common of all skin illnesses, acne affects almost everyone at some point in their life, particularly during adolescence. Even though there are different types of acne, they share the same symptom of small lumps with pus inside, when the skin pores become clogged. Acne is found on the face, shoulder, chest, and back.

There are various over-the-counter and prescription drugs to treat acne. There are also home remedies like applying apple cider vinegar, applying a mask of cinnamon and honey or milk and yogurt, applying mashed papaya or orange peel paste. The effectiveness of these remedies may vary from one person to another; however, their potential to prevent or cure acne is proven from their component chemicals.


Hives is a common allergic skin condition. It erupts on the skin with small lumps with red, itchy rashes around them. These lumps and rashes usually disappear after eight weeks; during this period, new ones develop in place of subsided lumps.

Relief from the symptom of hives is provided by taking oral antihistamines. There are also some home remedies like taking an oatmeal bath, applying a paste of baking soda and dabbing the affected area with witch hazel.


gdfgdfgdfghfghfghThere are three types of warts, and their common occurrence on a large number of people warrant their mention among the top skin illnesses and their remedies. They are contagious and commonly affect hands and feet, but they can erupt anywhere on the body.

The best way to stop warts is by boosting the immune system.
There are some prescription and over-the-counter drugs for this. Many people also swear by the effectiveness of home remedies like using pineapple, garlic, baking soda, and even crushed vitamin C tablets to cover the affected area.


It appears on the skin as white or yellowish patches of scaly skin, and these patches flake off. The affected area may be itchy, oily and red in some cases. The hair on the area may fall along with the flaked-off skin. In some cases, the skin may also be wet and oozing.

Eczema is treated with the emollient application and topical steroids. Home remedies include using moisturizers, licorice extracts, lavender essential oils, and eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Skin cancer

gfhgfhfghfghrtertThere are three types of skin cancer, with the common ones being basal cell and squamous cell cancers; the most dangerous and deadly type, melanoma is, fortunately, less common than the other two. Skin cancer ranks the most common of types of cancer. Skin cancer is treated with surgery, chemotherapy, and other forms of treatments for cancer. Natural remedies include black raspberry seed oil, and eggplant extracts.

Now that we have seen the top skin illnesses and their remedies, we know what to do in case anyone in the family develops one of these. The most important thing to do would be to consult skin doctors at the onset of the symptoms.